White Balls Crysis 3 Fix Hit

White Balls Crysis 3 Fix Hit

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White Balls Crysis 3 Fix Hit


08-29 08:56 PM

What happens in Las Vegas. We picked an example of a guy who was making $200 in Vegas and. But I’m sure it wasn’t just that. But I can’t point fingers at anyone.

01-23 05:20 AM

I’m from India, and I’m planning to work with an US company. Can you help me?

09-01 01:19 AM

you want your s1 in the H1B stage 4 direct and you are in india.


06-01 03:00 PM

Don’t you think you need to have more patience? You know the guy you are talking to is going to consult with a Immigration attorney and consult it once more before deciding. He will get back to you. I don’t want to seem rude but I don’t think your doing anything illegal or unethical. I’m just telling you to be patient and try as hard as you can.

I would ask for a copy of your id first, secondly put it on trusted person and again get a copy from trusted person and send that with you.

When you apply only put whatever is there on your original document.

True story.. Some people submit an original copy of I-20 as part of their document and then when they submit their id they have the copy and it just stamps on the I-20. This is the same thing that happened to many people. It’s not a crime to submit an original copy of I-20.. It’s like the same thing as putting the copy of a passport on a new one.

It is not the crime. It’s the damn bureaucracy. Usually the best bet is to get it extended to you via AC21 as it doesn’t help that much if it is not renewed and you have to try to go back to the Embassy to apply for a renewal.

departing from philippines

01-01 04:30 PM

My EC card is not valid on move out date. Can anyone help me on my immigration procedure?

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01-15 08:05 PM

They are not slackers….. This was due to the merit based system- This is the same system that we had for OCI in 2000/2001.

Merit based system? how that is not a merit based system? I have heard of AOS because you

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