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AutoCAD was also first released for the Apple Macintosh in 1988. The Apple Macintosh version is available in 32-bit and 64-bit editions. A GIS (Geographic Information Systems) edition is also available.

In 1992, AutoCAD LT was introduced. In 2000, a new version, AutoCAD 2000, was introduced. In 2002, a new version, AutoCAD 2002, was introduced. In 2010, a new version, AutoCAD 2010, was introduced. AutoCAD 2013 was introduced in 2013, and it added multi-touch support for mobile devices.

AutoCAD 2018 is an update to AutoCAD 2017. It is available in two editions, one of which has multi-touch support.

AutoCAD is generally sold either as a standalone application or as part of a larger CAD software suite. AutoCAD has three applications that are available as stand-alone versions: AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD R2018, and AutoCAD LT/ACE.

Key features and capabilities

In general, AutoCAD is the ideal CAD software package for drafting, design, and project management. It is one of the most popular commercial CAD programs worldwide.

AutoCAD can be used for 2D drafting, designing, preparing projects (blueprints), as a GIS, and for almost any type of project management, including component design, 3D-modeling, reverse engineering, and rapid-prototyping. AutoCAD also can be used to create DGN (Drawing) files, which can then be imported into other CAD packages or other software.

AutoCAD includes very powerful 2D/3D (structural and non-structural) modeling capabilities. It has extensive project management capabilities, including an integrated drafting table (2D).

AutoCAD is used in virtually every field of civil engineering, including architecture, structural engineering, structural design, landscape architecture, interior design, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing). AutoCAD is also used in industrial applications, including machine design and assembly.

AutoCAD and companion products (sometimes referred to as the “AutoCAD bundle”) are used in virtually every aspect of civil engineering. AutoCAD’s capabilities include architectural drafting, architectural design, MEP design, structural engineering design, structural design, and complex detailing.

AutoCAD has a wide variety of collaboration

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However, AutoCAD itself is closed-source software, written in the C++ programming language. An alternative to AutoCAD is also available for free. This is DraftSight, a program that is distributed as freeware and open source software, which is compiled on the software platform, Microsoft Windows.

AutoCAD had its origins in AutoDraft, an engineering CAD program originally developed at ERCO Corp. In 1982, the original developers left ERCO Corp. and started working on a new project for a new company, UniveCAD, and created AutoCAD. The first version of AutoCAD was released in 1985.


UniveCAD was a generic engineer-oriented CAD/CAM package for the HP-48s and HP-49s series of CAD/CAM workstations. It was a Microsoft Windows application running in what is known as an engine and also had an AutoLISP interpreter embedded in its code. The two main elements of UniveCAD were its ability to draw simple line and curve commands, and the AutoLISP interpreter which could be used to automate repetitive tasks in the application.

The original UniveCAD system consisted of a system tray icon, a window with an icon, a command line utility, the dialog box that appeared when the application was run, the main frame window, and a menu. In 1985, this was incorporated into AutoCAD as the UniveCAD Utility.

AutoLISP is a programming language for AutoCAD. It is a procedural programming language that provides control of AutoCAD in a controlled environment. AutoLISP is a separate interpreter that is called AutoLISP.

Visual LISP
Visual LISP is a proprietary programming language for AutoCAD. Unlike AutoLISP, Visual LISP is a functional programming language that provides control of AutoCAD in an interactive environment. AutoCAD provides a number of object classes, most of which correspond to CAD objects and methods. The programming environment for Visual LISP is a third-party interface called Visual Studio.

Visual Studio
Visual Studio is a proprietary IDE (integrated development environment) written by UniveCAD and is the development environment for AutoCAD and Visual LISP.

Visual Studio is available for Windows-based operating systems, including the

AutoCAD Crack+

Open the Autocad application.

Click Tools → Autodesk ® 360 3D 2020 (version 2020.1.1845).

Modify the file

Use the executable file to make changes in the.key file. Modification settings should be left default.

Open the file with any editor.

Enter the author (publisher) name in the `[“PKP”]’` field.

Select the image `[“Img”]’ and the description `[“desc”]’.

Select the license `[“lic”]’.

Save the file.

Exit the Autodesk® 360 3D application.

In the Autodesk® 360 3D 2020 options, you can save the modification.

Open the Autocad application again.

Save the modifications to the.key file

In the Autocad application, open the Autocad project.

Click Modify → Options.

Click the `[“BCD”]’ tab and set the author `[“AUTHOR”]’.

Click `[“.key”]’ and press CTRL + A (select all) to activate the key.

Save the modification to the.key file

In the Autocad application, click the `[“BCD”]’ tab and click the “`[“.key”]’” file.

Select the `[“KEY”]’ field and press CTRL + A (select all) to activate the key.

The “`.key’” file

The.key file is an Autodesk Autocad executable (.exe) file. The.key file is not the product licence, but the licence that will be granted to the product that has been used. The.key file has three fields: author, image and description.

Author field

The author field ( “`[“PKP”]’” ) allows you to change the name that appears on the product licence. The author of the product must be the same as the author of the Autocad application that allows you to modify the.key file.

Image field

The image ( “`[“Img”]’” ) is the product logo and allows you to change the image that appears on the product licence.

Description field

The description ( “`[“desc”]’” ) allows you to change the description of the licence. The description must be a single line with no more

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Raster to Vector Conversion:

Easily convert any raster file into a vector graphic, even a scanned or edited image. Automatically adjust any vector layer to match the appearance and detail of the raster image. (video: 1:48 min.)

Auto trace:

Take advantage of Auto trace technology to create a polyline sketch or model directly from a parametric shape or object. Draw on the screen and trace paths to any layer or in any drawing. (video: 1:12 min.)

Drafting and Designing:

Simplify drafting and design by using a new context-sensitive editing palette to view attributes and units of measure in a drawing. (video: 1:31 min.)


A new tooltips palette provides information when your cursor hovers over objects in your drawing. (video: 1:34 min.)

Keyboard Commands:

Redesign keyboard shortcuts and fine-tune command-flow by specifying shortcuts for common commands, such as deleting a file, and providing a new tool to review and change existing commands.

Added new shortcuts to:

Delete all: alt+z

Zoom in (L): F11

Zoom out (R): F12

Fit to window: F7

Zoom to current layer: F8

Save: F5

Save all: Shift+F5

Undo: Backspace

Redo: Alt+Z

New commands:

Open: Ctrl+O

Close: Ctrl+X

Recompose: Ctrl+Shift+C

Close fit: Ctrl+Shift+F

Window and Layer: Ctrl+W

New toolbox item:

Select layers by drawing a box around them.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Selected layer command: Ctrl+V

Select layers based on type: Alt+A

Copy selected objects: Ctrl+C

Cut selected objects: Ctrl+X

Paste selection: Ctrl+V

Check errors in selected objects: Alt+I

Rename selected objects: Ctrl+R

Undo: Backspace

Redo: Alt+Z

Load geometry: Shift+G

Undo all: Ctrl+Z

Copy: Ctrl+C

Paste: Ctrl+V

System Requirements:

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Team members: 4


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