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Note: I am not an authority on dating or relationships, or even a relationship expert. I wrote this solely to provide a link to questions to ask your potential paramour and to make your overall experience in the dating scene a bit less stressful. Not that all of your experiences will be, of course, but there are some common traps and best practices to avoid. Like what? Well, with these questions, I’d wager you’ll be digging into their soul and catching their look-into-their-eyes-and-immediately-know-you’re-the-one in no time. If you are lucky enough to find said person and the chemistry is right, then obviously all this dating advice will help you both make a good impression and probably avoid nervous breakdowns in the long-run.

But first, let’s get something straight: We get the whole “dating” thing. Dating is not a problem for us. We understand that not everyone is like us, that our interactions and desires are bound to vary in form and color. You are not obligated to be his girlfriend, and we aren’t here to judge you if you find that you don’t see any attraction to that person. As a matter of fact, we’re pretty sure you’re probably going to find something to love about him/her just as we have. So, with that out of the way, here are 10 questions to ask someone you’re interested in.

You’re looking for your first kiss or your first sexual experience, and you’re not quite sure how it should go down. Or, you’re already in a committed relationship, but find that things have been somewhat… well… too good. You’ve found the one, you’re in love, and you’re looking to spice things up. If you’re in between, feel free to ask what type of questions you should be thinking about in order to find out if the person you are interested in actually wants the same things as you and is thinking about the future.

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1. What do you want for dinner?

You’re at a restaurant, or even a bar, and you are both sitting at a table, having an awkward conversation. Unless he/she has an extraordinary aura that you can see, you have no way of knowing what he/she is thinking at all. You could ask this question and get some revealing answers,
This post was originally published on Bark in 2014 and has been updated for new reader relevance.

You can build your online dating profile in under five minutes—and it will be better than anything you’d write in a journal or journal entry.

For me, what makes a great dating profile is one that’s written so that anyone with Internet access can find it easily. For example, ” I’m a good listener. I’m completely self-sufficient. I’m totally high-maintenance and possess an emotional maturity well beyond my years. I love to cook and can whip up a meal in about five minutes. I’m a fantastic friend and a great lover. I’m a free spirit.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? (It’s not, but it’s good enough for me.)

Just because you are interested in finding love, having relationships, or even having sex, doesn’t mean you need to write an essay or compose poetry about it. Ask a friend to give you feedback on your profile, or just open it up and look at it on your phone or laptop. If you’re really bothered by it, there are some members-only sites that have sample profiles that I’ve used. They are much more professional than my own. You can use these as a starting point, or work from them. For example, instead of “I’m a good listener” you could say, “I take the time to listen to what my friends and potential partners are saying. I strive to understand their motives and emotional states, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from them.”

The more honest and direct you are about yourself in your profile, the more confident you will feel about dating and putting yourself out there. You’re not a dewy-eyed girl in a schoolgirl outfit, begging for a date. This is the real deal.

10 Rules for Online Dating

If you have the time to create a dating profile, you have the time to create a dating profile that doesn’t make your mom cringe. Dating is a serious endeavor, not a hallow. So, treat it like you would any other serious undertaking, and follow these rules.

Rule Number 10: You MUST Remember to Be Professional

Grammar and spelling have become relative terms. You’re doing the talking on the Internet. People may be complete strangers, but they still expect professionalism. Your profile is part of your portfolio, so be aware of how you


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