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Dating in the Modern Age

You may not have as much control over your career as you did 15 years ago, but the economy has its own rules, and when it comes to dating, those rules are much the same now as they were when you were growing up: pursue your best self, and don’t be afraid of being alone.

What should I wear on a first date?

Forget making a fashion statement and show off your “new” outfit. Unless you’ve been very, very busy for the past few months, chances are it’s not gonna fit well for a long-term relationship, and you should probably trust your instincts and focus on your self-esteem for the evening.

I’m concerned about having a first date with someone I may actually like!

It’s ok to be nervous. There’s nothing wrong with being a little nervous. Part of you is hoping to find love, and that’s a pretty big deal. However, if you’re feeling anxious, it’s ok to see what’s out there and perhaps transition into a longer-term relationship after you get to know someone better.

Are online dating sites and apps the best way to meet people?

Possibly. Whether you use a service like OkCupid or Match.com or Tinder, online dating is becoming an increasingly popular way of meeting people. You can find someone who shares similar interests or even a connection in a bar, café, or restaurant—you’re basically finding someone who wants the same thing you do.

You can even use it to find the love of your life. With services like OkCupid, if you set your search criteria properly, you have a much higher chance of finding your soul mate than if you were to sit around at a bar and try to guess compatibility.

Can I survive a long-distance relationship?

Certainly! A big part of a relationship is being able to see each other, and the best way to maintain a long-distance relationship is to maintain a close relationship outside the digital realm. Send letters, emails, and gifts, and spend as much time as possible together (beyond your already-planned dates and vacation times).

Is falling for my crush on Facebook the same as being in love?

Of course not. Falling in love isn’t just about hormones and kissing or feelings—it’s about investing in someone. It’s about respecting them and making them part of your life. It’s about love. https://idateadvice.com/top-hookup-apps-reviews-meet-hot-personals-on-safe-sites
Where to go

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Rome The Roman people know how to party hard. Get away from the busy streets and go underground for a hot night out with sweaty strangers at L’Effervescence. (Or if you prefer your thrills served chilled, head to Sacré Coeur for a nightcap in the haunting Old Sacré-Coeur). Or go for a classic Roman experience with a visit to a piazza or restaurant in the Trastevere neighborhood. It’s worth noting that the locals in Roman are quite litigious—don’t be a dick.

It’s true, you will be drinking a lot for a while. This is Rome, after all, and is considered among the best places for drinking in Europe. But you have to keep in mind that the Romans tend to be a little tipsy for a good time (think 2 a.m. clothed and reasonably sober, though not necessarily sober). Just a word of advice: make sure to visit during the day, or your nightcap could be O.K. but your morning could be a bit of a struggle.

Lisbon Lisbon is a very different city compared to other places in Europe. The locals are friendly and will embrace you—no small feat in a city where people are taller, heavier, and—judging from these photos—clad in less. (Just a heads up: you will be getting invited to a lot of weddings.) The nightlife and bar scene is mostly centered in the old town of Belem, which is a short 10-minute walk from the train or bus station. That said, everything is walking distance in Lisbon, and that’s why people seem to get around without too many cars. Some of the coolest places to drink in Lisbon: A Casa da Fruta, a popular spot at sunset for a glass of wine and a delectable platter of fresh fruits and vegetables; the pretty, airy Bar Estampa, for a fun drink at a cheesy touristy bar in the old town with friendly staff; and the mellow, laid-back Cantiga do Mar, for a song and a tipple that boasts some seriously good food. Plus, you probably won’t want to leave the city after a few glasses of vinho verde (only $2 a glass!).


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