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When considering using Photoshop, you can create image files only in the pixel resolution of the monitor you are using — up to 72 pixels per inch (PPI). This limitation exists because of the way that monitors send the image data to your computer. If your monitor resolution is greater than what Photoshop can render, a low resolution image will be created. If you work on a screen with a high resolution, you will need to find ways to reduce the pixel resolution of your image or create a new file with a lower resolution. This section introduces some methods for reducing or increasing the resolution of an image.

Because so many web browsers render websites at 100 percent, the image resolution must be reduced to 100 percent to view online. If you are viewing online images at full size, you must be able to resize them to a reasonable size so that the image can be seen. If you use Internet Explorer as your web browser, you can use the Resize Image command in the Image menu. However, many other browsers don’t have that function, so you need to investigate methods for working with the images online.

Reducing the resolution

Images can be reduced in size by changing the resolution of the image file. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee that you will end up with the smallest file size, but it’s good for web browsers when you are ready to save your image for the web.

Photoshop has two ways to reduce the resolution. The most common way is by using the Clear Overlays menu item. This method takes you through the Clear Overlays and Layers dialog boxes, which enables you to simply clear the image of all its overlays by clicking each overlay and selecting Clear Overlays from the menu (see Figure 11-1a).

Alternatively, you can save the file to the image-processing format of your choice, by selecting File⇒Save for Web. This method allows you to also specify the file type, which is used in Figure 11-1b.

**Figure 11-1:** Overlays can make image editing a lot easier, but it’s easier to clear them from an image than create new ones.

Image size options

You can choose other ways to reduce the resolution of an image. Generally, the most popular way is to select Image Size from the Image menu, which enables you to make image changes to the file. You will have a wide variety of choices, which include:

Thumbnail (1:1) 300 pixels

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Before you consider choosing between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, it’s worth comparing the two. This will enable you to choose a software that meets your needs.

Advantages of Photoshop Elements

Ease of use

There are many tutorials, tips and videos available to help Photoshop users get started.

When you open Photoshop Elements, you can start editing almost immediately. The interface is simple, with only three tabs for image editing.


An easier way to upload an image is by clicking on the Add Image button.

You can edit the image inside Photoshop Elements or directly upload it to the application.

Disadvantages of Photoshop Elements


Some Photoshop features are not available in Photoshop Elements, such as merging layers or editing text layers.


For most people, Photoshop is the best choice for editing. Photoshop is the market leader, with a lot of plugins and 3rd party software to help users get the most out of Photoshop. If you have a lower-powered device, you might want to choose Photoshop Elements instead.

Free download of Photoshop Elements

What’s the difference between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements?

We don’t use Photoshop Elements for work. It’s probably a good choice if you’re an amateur photographer looking for a more beginner-friendly application.

The first thing to do is make sure you’re on the latest version, which is version 20.0.

Both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements can handle RAW and JPEG files. If you want to work with the other major file types, such as TIFF, GIF or PNG, then Photoshop will suit you best.

Using Photoshop


What to look for in a graphic editor

Here are some things that you want to consider before you decide which graphic editing program is right for you.

The complexity of the application. Photoshop Elements is the simplest photo editing software you can use. If you want to learn all the ways of working with your photos, you’ll want to buy the professional software.

How much space you have on your computer. If you’re looking to use it for your personal photos, then Photoshop Elements will be fine. If you’re looking to expand it and use it for larger projects, you might need a bigger drive.

Who’s your user: An amateur photographer who is

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the command query plan format (which holds the WHERE clause) and then the object name of the CTE.
But also here, we see that where query_execution_plan is empty, the CTE is actually unreferenced so the optimizer cannot remove it.
It’s still possible to manually remove the CTE, but it needs quite a bit of precision (and knowledge of the objects it contains).
The closest I can think of without resorting to proc. sp_cascade, is that you can use Extended Events to see the CREATE TABLE operation that might be inserting the CTE into a table (amongst other things).


Finding numbers inside a string of text

I want to find numbers inside a string of text. The regular expression I have is:

I’m not sure if I made a mistake with my regex, since the substring that is to be extracted is like this in PHP:
$string = “Test name: 5,20,0000,Stupid,Text,1234”;
if (preg_match_all(“/\b\d+\b/”, $string)) {

The output I get is
Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => 5,20,0000,Stupid,Text,1234 ) )

If this is not the correct regex how should I make it work? I need to find numbers that are inside a string with a variable amount of numbers.


Your regex is a bit greedy. A number has to start somewhere.
So I suggest:

You can see it in action:
$string = “Test name: 5,20,0000,Stupid,Text,1234”;
if (preg_match_all(“/\b\d+\b/”, $string)) {

[0] => Array
[0] => 5,20,0000,Stupid,Text,1234
[1] => 5,20,0000,St

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I thought the Elites were going to be the best class out of the new set, but I’m still on board with the Beetle. Game wise, I don’t know, but the art is great.

Weird that their can only be 2 at once, but those 2 can’t be the same class. No changes to the adept, no changes to the guardian. Just the elite.

They could have used the guardian as a base if they wanted to keep the third summon card or they could have given it a new effect, but they didn’t. They must have been thinking for months about it, and now that they’ve made the change, they want some time to figure out the changes to everything else.

I personally agree with the changes, but you have to admit that I must not be a very good designer because I’m ok with the changes, and so is everyone else.

I am not a big fan of the Beetle, but I can appreciate a LotR figure. There’s a lot of effort to make the packaging beautiful. I do not like the way the heads look, though, and I can’t help but notice that the EU Vader’s helmet has more or less the same “hang” neck that the new Cyberman’s helmet has.Q:

How to store two users in a single access point?

I am currently working on a project that requires that two users can be connected to the same access point and have their own independent LAN (Home/Private network).
What I have in mind is to use a single access point, and have two SSIDs for Home and Private. Then having them assign static IP addresses to them.
Is this a good idea, or am I doing something extremely stupid?
I could not find this answer anywhere.
Thanks in advance.


Yes that is a good idea.
However, you may need to change the wireless on the access point to 2.4 GHz. Most current wireless routers only support the 5 GHz 802.11n standard.
You will need to change the channel. Some suggestions include:

Two SSIDs – One with the same SSID, “CompanyName”, but different channel, “1”, and another with different SSID, “Private”, but with the same channel. You assign the two to the different users’ computers.
Two SSIDs – One with the same SSID, “CompanyName”, and a different channel,

System Requirements:

Intel Pentium D 3.06 Ghz or equivalent AMD Athlon XP 3.00 Ghz or equivalent
256 MB RAM
20 MB Hard Drive
Windows 2000
Mouse and Keyboard
DirectX 9.0c
Super Arcade
Version 1.0
Not so common in Europe anymore but very popular in the US. Gameboy Player and GameBoy Advance is a compilation of 13 games. The second release from Super Arcade, other than Amaze. You can find more information on the Wii Virtual Console on



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