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Revive the comments with the most upvoted, but deleted most of them.

tanks are awesome and they’ll be your best friend if you’re on any of the FPS that use them, great game with lots of potential but the current paid mods are really starting to devalue it imo.

Some of the mods I’ve seen are as follows:

– Dynamic or Real-time smoke and dust
– Animated Weapons
– Weapons which differentiate based on the gun, rather than what gun it is (ie: Machine Gun-Equipped Shotgun).
– Weapon sounds for almost any weapon as of right now.
– Munitions
– Explosive or Vehicle vehicles, in very small and simplistic form

I mean, these are all things that you can just download and with very little effort. The game is old, but mods for older games are still being developed. It is only a matter of time until someone does something that there’s really no point in doing because they would have had it done years ago…

Modders might be old-school, but the game and its community are still very active.

If this wasn’t the case, I doubt anybody would play. Especially on Xbox One or PS4.

Their DLC packs never seem to go stale or stagnate, they just revolve around different parts of the game that have either been forgotten or simply never implemented.

– Vehicles
– Speed Boosters (that enhance the maximum speed)
– Weapons
– Game Modes
– Vehicle customization (Ex: Buying parts to customize the vehicle)
– Pursuits (Vehicle chasing)
– Battle Points
– Boosters (Ex: ‘Strafe’/’Tame’ Boosters)
– ‘Refresh the Playlist’ (This one is really obscure)

To me, these all seem like basic stuff that just hasn’t been developed in a long time.

I mean, they’re even doing away with the Rainbow Six franchise. Do you think they’d do away with the Battle Points in Rainbow Six Siege? Heck no.

Some of the major DLC’s for Rainbow Six Siege are:

Refresh the Playlist
Vehicle Customization (Buying parts to customize the vehicle)
Battle Points (Ex: Boosters, Pursuit Points, etc.)
Battle Pass
Time Attack (Ex: (4) Man Hunt, (6) Visibility, etc

Wow.. What a hack.. I tried this one and it worked too.. Thanks sooooo much for that.. It’s really a nice hack.. Thanks for this.. :D…Universality of shape and angular momentum scaling for a single-file polydisperse chain.
For a single-file polydisperse chain a small deviation from the purely linear shape is observed for a temperature close to the theta temperature. The shape deformation is estimated to be of the order of 3%. We use this small deformation to determine a universal exponent for the shape, angular momentum, and the excess grand canonical specific heat. This provides a very efficient and systematic way to test the universality hypothesis in single-file. We find no violation of universality. Instead, the exponent value is in good agreement with the lattice Bethe Ansatz value./*
* Copyright 2019, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”). You may not use this file except in compliance
* with the License. A copy of the License is located at
* or in the “license” file accompanying this file. This file is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES
* OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions
* and limitations under the License.

import { GuestAgentDetails } from ‘./guest-agent-details’;

export interface PromiseWithGuestAgentResponse {
(): T;

export function withGuestAgentResponse(
handler: Promise
): Promise> {
return Promise.all([
new Promise(resolve => {
resolve(new GuestAgentDetails());
]).then(([response, resolved]) => {
return [
# This is a generated file; do not edit or check into version control.
export “FLUTTER

I have a hard time getting enough sleep all the time… doesn’t make a difference what color you sleep in

Mikey SMW2012

07-23 09:15 AM

Court date after my lawyer calls so see what happens

Mikey SMW2012

07-23 09:16 AM

I have a message from “enrollment services” that has a State identification # in it. It shows up in my immigration history, but then it was not sent to the IRS. Does that mean I am safe?

My case is I-485 and I am not sure whether they send it to IRS or not because I have not received the final answer letter from them yet.

Please let me know your answer!

Md I dnt think u d be able 2 work. Hi can u give me an idea of what the minimum wage level is where you live in india and the time period. Thanks

i am not sure about the tax i get its not US Govt tax something i do not quite understand. I have a friend working in UAE who said he gets a reasonable salary that is taxed and you get a lot of subsidy too. But, I am not sure.

If not then what do you make that you are comfortable with? I am willing to relocate if needed.

I am not sure whether I can work in USA.

I have completed my MS in computer science. If you can give me an idea of what kind of job i can go for in USA and how much does it cost for three years. Let me know. I will be glad to hear it

Again I am not sure whether I can relocate if needed.

Thanks, Ankur.

Thanks for sharing this info. It is very helpful.

My friend and I just came up with the idea of starting a company. We want to design and sell a computer game. Unfortunately I am not familiar with anything related to game designing. My friend is familiar with programming. I don’t have any skills in this area, so we need some help. I don’t know if you can help.

We are planning to start this business in USA. I will be busy in my full-time job, but there is some free time. I don’t mind working part-time. I will be glad to work with anyone who is willing to join. I am not sure if you are free to work with us.

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