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AppSettings is a simple and intuitive software utility designed to allow.NET program developers access to several types of Application Settings:

Advanced.NET Properties: user-defined or program-defined

Advanced.NET Settings: user-defined or program-defined

The settings can also be defined in a property bag file.

All-in-all, AppSettings will not only prove extremely useful in the area of.NET development, but it will also find itself being one of the most useful applications out there.
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AppSettings Crack +

Editor for the configuration files.

Backups and replication of your settings.

Security so that no third party can change your settings.

Inventory of all setting with related key value.

Synchronized local settings and remote server.

Visual representation of all settings with corresponding values.

Editing of settings by category or individual line.

Desktop integration including good disk usage (patched version also works in network).

Usability of this small utility is simply amazing, given the ease with which users can make changes to their AppSettings Full Crack.
Things you can customize in this way are:

The name of the application

The version of the application

The application description

A description of the changes made to the application

Documentation & License Agreement

The main window

Automatic backup of your settings

Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Internet Explorer 5 or higher

Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 10

Supports the following settings on Windows:


Fonts, colors, sizes and font states


Integer values

Debug settings

The settings file

Backs up your application settings in a configuration file

Hides the settings file by default in the application folder

Properties window

The properties window includes some of the following properties:


General properties of the application

Current settings

Current settings

Formatting instructions

Settings in the properties window

Settings in the properties window

Dictated by the configuration file


Appearance properties of the application

Default settings

Default settings of the application


Custom properties of the application

A customized icon of the application

Custom property details

A customized icon of the application

A customized menu

A customized menu


Permissions for the application

A shortcut

A shortcut

Cache settings

Cache settings of the application

Internet Explorer cache settings

A shortcut

The shortcut property window

A shortcut property window

The shortcut property window

Print properties

Print properties of the application

A shortcut

Cancel the print dialog

Print settings

Print settings

Print settings

A print dialog

The print dialog

A print dialog

Settings for specific


As far as the software’s interface is concerned, everything is in place, with tabs for browsing and values editing enabled. There is also a preview of the user’s changes, which is extremely useful when tweaking settings.
In case you opt to install AppSettings, just follow these instructions:
Download AppSettings from the developers’ official website:
Extract the downloaded file into a folder, and launch the setup.exe file.
When the setup is complete, it’s time to drag the AppSettings.exe file to your desired location.
After doing so, launch the program, and the utility will run.
Run AppSettings:
In case you feel like configuring.NET application settings without using AppSettings, there are numerous ways to accomplish this goal. Of course, you will have to do this with third-party software, something that AppSettings aims to avoid in the first place.
That said, AppSettings won’t permit you to perform the operation directly, instead allowing you to select a configuration file in your operating system and then carrying out the procedure manually.
How AppSettings Makes Configuration Management Easier:
AppSettings is designed with the sole purpose of helping you to manage different.NET application settings. It means that you can change them all in a single location. This is ideal when you are dealing with complex settings, as it will make it easier to get to the point where you need to make alterations.
Since it is a lightweight, easy to use tool, AppSettings does not require any training or learning period. As long as you have a basic understanding of.NET programming, you are all set to make configuration files better.
Even though AppSettings offers an intuitive interface, there is quite a lot of room to improve as far as the software’s overall operation is concerned.
What’s more, it is worth mentioning that AppSettings can only be used on a Windows machine, something that may put it out of the picture for some people.
Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that AppSettings doesn’t support the following document types: TXT, as well as HTML.
In case you are looking for a program that can help you manage.NET application settings, you may want to look at AppSettings first. The downside to the software is that it doesn’t support any other document types and, although it is free

What’s New in the?

AppSettings is made to be simple, effective, easy to use and user friendly.
It can be used on a wide range of PCs and servers, running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
The program is an extremely versatile resource. As such, it can be used for editing and modifying the following types of configuration files:


App Settings

My Computer

Net Setting

Program Files


Windows Extension

User Settings

You may want to know that AppSettings works perfectly with all sorts of Office applications, such as:

Microsoft Office 2003

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2010

System requirements:

Minimum requirements:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2

Processor: 800 MHz

RAM: 512 MB

Hard Disk: 256 MB

Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 8

Minimum required:

OS: Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Processor: 800 MHz


Hard Disk: 500 MB

Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 8


OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Processor: 1 GHz


Hard Disk: 500 MB

Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9

Downloads: AppSettings – Free Download (96 MB)

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In Depth AppSettings Review:

Who said that with a simple change of file extension in Windows, changes made to “application settings” could be pretty intrusive? Well, although the standard opinion is indeed correct, AppSettings is here to prove that you can very easily find a solution to practically any issue encountered, no matter how minor it may seem to be.
Aside from that, the software is rather intuitive to use and for that matter, it can be found on just about any PC, regardless of its OS version. What’s more, it should be pointed out that, in the time of its creation, it was designed to work perfectly with Windows 7, while it was able to successfully function on Windows Vista, thanks to its major inclination towards the latter.
Having said that, because of its huge popularity, it should be pointed out that the information contained in this review may not apply to other versions of Windows.
Having said that, AppSettings is able to provide the functionality of “application settings” for the

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Processor: 2.0 GHz processor or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM (Required)
Graphics: Graphics card with 128 MB memory or higher
Hard Drive: 500 MB free hard drive space (Required)
How To Install:
Download the game from our homepage
Extract the downloaded file
Run the setup (Wait for the installation to complete)
Once installation is done, launch the game
Install the game


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