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The dynamic engine has been further refined, with feedback taking into account factors such as speed, acceleration, density, weight and position. The engine is also able to detect player overcompensations and collisions, allowing players to fight for the ball back.

Full-body movements have also been improved in certain parts of the game. For example, in the shooting, dribbling, receiving, shooting and shooting from distance, reactions, acceleration, pace and 1v1 duels — as well as headers — have been adjusted.

FIFA World Cup Edition – now with’matchday’ players

In addition to these game improvements, FIFA World Cup Edition introduces a whole host of new features to FIFA’s World Cup mode, including the most comprehensive Level Editor ever seen in FIFA.

Level creators can now choose from almost 300 new items to place on the pitch. These include more new player kits, flags, fixtures, lighting and goals, as well as the new teams IAN SCOTLAND and CROATIA “FAİB and WATER & WINE.”

New camera angles and a new match flow system allow even more player customization. Scene changes have been improved and new close-up camera views and match highlights can be easily accessed.

When teams progress to knockout rounds, the user is put into the shoes of the team that was eliminated in the semi-finals of the World Cup. And, as in actual matches, the final will be decided at the death.


EA SPORTS FUTURUM represents the next step in realistic soccer simulation. This is a title that brings to life an all-encompassing and life-like environment, allowing players to define their own, individual destiny.

The first of the three main game modes to be unveiled is Ultimate Team, a brand new dynamic and exciting mode, which gives players the opportunity to assemble a squad of over 250 current footballing superstars.

On top of that, all players will be able to create their own Ultimate Team, so they can take on friends from around the world in global-only battles.

Secondly, Mode Ultimate Pro offers all the depth and features of the new game engine but also includes a number of new game modes, such as Player Impact, Player Impact X, Ultimate Playoffs and Club Management.

Ultimate Pro will also include the most realistic player physics


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