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More often than not, when recording videos on smartphones or during a crowded event, there is a good chance that you may find out that the video is sideways or upside down. The good news is that you don't have to watch it like this and there are tools to help address this frustrating issue.
As the name suggests, Video Rotator is an intuitive and lightweight program that enables you to modify the orientation of video files.
Supports rotating in every direction
The program comes with a rather rugged and old-school interface, but is quite intuitive and unlikely to cause any issues regardless of your experience with similar tools. You can get started by adding a single file or an entire folder where you regularly store your videos. As you probably hinted, the application is capable of batch processing so you can conveniently correct multiple files at once.
The program allows you to select the output extension, rotation mode and saving directory to start the job. Apart from rotating clips 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, you can flip them horizontally or vertically, or disable rotation completely and just stick to file type conversion. Depending on the number of files you are processing, the program may take some time to complete the task.
Allows you to convert the current video
It is worth mentioning that the tool provides a simple way to convert the video to other formats and change a few attributes. Therefore, if you intend to watch the clip on other devices, do not forget to check out the available output formats available and adjust the bitrate if necessary.
All in all, Video Rotator is a tool that can come in handy for users who regularly take videos with their smartphones and that need to make a few modifications so that they can enjoy it later with their loved ones.







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Video Rotator is an application that can rotate videos directly from your mobile phone or tablet. Rotating videos is quite a simple task when using a monitor, however, videos taken on tablets or mobile phones are rotated while viewing them in a traditional way. For viewing and sharing videos you must rotate the videos, but if you want to view the video in its original way, you must rotate the videos. However, there are tools that can help you to solve this problem, but if you want to look for a simple, stable and fast tool for rotation of videos, you can use the Video Rotator. The tool will rotate the videos in a specific direction and there are many ways in which you can achieve this, some of which may not be that easy. If you want to know more about the tool, feel free to download and read the text below.
Main Features of the Video Rotator:
• It has a user-friendly and simple interface.
• You do not need to configure anything. Just add the file or folder where you want to rotate the videos and click on the ‘Rotate’ button to begin the process.
• The application can rotate videos horizontally, vertically, and clockwise or counterclockwise.
• The tool does not require any special hardware or software to work.
• Rotating files is a matter of minutes.
• The video will be rotated automatically.
• You can also rotate the videos and change the name and extension.
• The output file can be viewed on all mobile and desktop devices.
• It supports every video format, including MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV, and more.
• You can rotate videos with the help of batch processing.
• You can choose to view videos in a specific folder or save them to specific folders.


This application has a very useful tool to rotate videos. Apart from that you can also extract text from the files and modify the desired part of the video or clip. All these features make the Video Rotator a must-have tool for android users.

I think this tool is great for people who travel around a lot. It is easy to use because the instructions are given in clear and simple language. However, it is not easy to find ways to fix the video on the iPhone if it is in the incorrect orientation.

Rotation can be quite a troublesome job, especially if you are not always able to do it manually. Manual rotation is not

Video Rotator 7579

Video Rotator Features:

Optimizes video for viewing on iPhones, iPods, iPasses, and Android phones;

Works with Video converter;

Resize video to any size;

Rotate any video to any angle;

Skip the first 10 seconds of a video;

Converts video files from any format to the one you want, and adjusts the bitrate to choose a different quality.

Video Rotator is both easy to use and reliable. A small program with a simple interface that you can learn in a few minutes. This video converter will change your video from a dynamic format to the one that you desire. Video Rotator uses the best conversion, compression technology – High Efficiency Video Encoder (HEVC).
One of the key benefits of Video Rotator is its ability to convert any video format (AVI, MP4, MP3, FLV, etc.) to all other popular formats in seconds (MP4, MP3, WAV, MPEG-4, etc.). The converter has a simple and user-friendly interface that you will get used to in a matter of minutes. The tool will allow you to re-edit the file, rotate the video, and also eliminate unwanted parts of the video file (music, for instance). The high level of performance and reliability makes Video Rotator the best video converter on the market.
The user-friendly interface of the program makes it easy to use. The tool is compatible with Mac and Windows. All you need is to install and launch the tool and start converting your video files. Then simply choose the output format and the location for the desired results. When using a smartphone for recording videos, Video Rotator allows you to align the file to make sure that the video stays upright.
The video player integrated in this program is easy to use. Just select the output format and check the format on your smartphone or computer. The player will show you the duration of the video file, and the bitrate that was used. When you have done with the conversion, just save the file to one of your device’s standard directories. Video Rotator has a few options for the saving location.
Video Rotator: Why to choose Video Rotator?

Video Rotator keeps an eye on all the videos you keep in your computer. This is convenient because it will enable you to re-edit the video in case the contents of the video changed and you didn’t notice it. You are not required to save

What’s New in the Video Rotator?

Video Rotator allows you to change the video orientation without the need to rotate the video file and get the video done in a matter of minutes. The video rotate tool can be used to convert the video file rotation process and does not affect the original format of the video. To activate the video rotate tool you can easily go to the tool and select the orientation that you want to make the video into.When Notre Dame announced that it was changing its men’s basketball schedule to the fall schedule, it was hard to see how it would work. Fall has been a terrible season for the Irish over the last few years due to bad luck and injuries.

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System Requirements For Video Rotator:

OS: Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7 SP1
Processor: 2.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1024×768
OS: Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 10
Please note: That this version is still in Beta!
Download from:

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