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The original game of the same name, which was originally only available in Japan, was made by Capcom as a third-party title. Elden Ring Cracked Version is a highly detailed RPG where a player can experience the full joy of the Lands Between thanks to a seamless plot, dynamic gameplay, and immaculate graphics. In the game, players can grow through the story and quest, create their own strategy by selecting an RPG style, customize their character, and fully enjoy the Lands Between.

Celes and the Hero King the new game in the world of action RPG collaboration!

* Join your Friend, Celes as a Hero
While listening to voices of childhood friends, Celes and the hero king.
Celebrate a new generation of action RPG collaboration!
■ Battle Theme “Dragonic Overlord”
Join the epic battle with Lord Felias the Dragonic Overlord!
Featured Characters
A beautiful maid who was once sent to the Kingdom of Altus from the Kingdom of Valencia to be in the care of the king.
The King of Altus
An old, sick and weak king, who fell on hard times and is on the verge of abandoning his country.
He has entrusted to Celes to rescue the princess of the Kingdom of Valencia, who was taken away by the Dragonic Overlord.
The Princess of Valencia
The princess of Valencia, who was entrusted to Celes and the King of Altus.
The Dragonic Overlord
Evil lord who had taken away the princess of Valencia.



Version 0.123 (beta) [Special Things]■ Character Story—Celes’s past
Celes and the hero king.
Celes meets a new hero—the one who had sent her before and had the best memories of when they were a kid.
In order to change the world, Celes becomes the apprentice of the hero king who had the best memories of when he was a kid.
Celes’s past—in the world of story of action RPG collaboration—is told.
■ Gameplay—The “Wide Battle Style”
1) The “Wide Battle Style”
In order to heighten the thrilling battle scenes, the battle style of “Wide Battle” was implemented.
Character Arming System using “Wedge”
Increase your weapons’


Features Key:

  • One of a Kind Online Multiplayer Dimension
  • One of a Kind Online Multiplayer Dimension
  • An Active Social Universe in the Lands Between
  • Epic Legends of the Elemental Knights in the Lands Between. Role


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    You play as a young man born with the Silver Ring and with great interest in you. Having always been an adventurer, you are now a rogue-like, into a world full of monsters and mayhem.

    You follow the story of one particular adventurer and his friends, and with your newfound abilities, you can become an adventurer of your own.

    Set in a fantasy world, an orthodox religion has spread, drawing people to abandon their lives to devote themselves to religious ceremonies. The story follows one such ceremony that has recently taken place, for a girl named Shiro.

    An interesting and unique RPG that is reminiscent of Dark Souls, a game many people are familiar with in a fantasy setting. A game where death is inevitable, the main object is to press forward in life and become an adventurer.

    – THE GOOD –


    The best thing about the game is its fantastic gameplay. In this game, you are free to experience incredible battles and exercises. Your objective is to clear all the maps in the manner that you desire, or else you will be lost. And after all, there are 10-15 hours of content. Once the quest is over, let the fun begin!

    However, it is also a little disappointing that you are given rather limited control for your character. While you are able to customize your character, you cannot rotate your camera or change the size of the screen.

    You would think this would be an issue to many players, but in reality, this was not a problem for me. In actual play, I adjusted the camera freely, and I was comfortable with the game.



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    ▶ Aerial Battle System: Successful attacks cause the enemy to lose their strength, turning them white. If their strength is completely lost, they are defeated.

    ▶ Effects of Combat that can be controlled: You can trigger various effects in your fight with an enemy. For example, in addition to a damage-over-time effect, you can trigger an effect that gives you additional EXP and temporarily raises your attack power. This allows you to make the most of an enemy’s weaknesses.

    ▶ Raiding: You will be able to go to an area with a giant summon monster, called an invasion dungeon, and enter it. In addition to defeating monsters in the dungeon, you can get unique items.

    ▶ Navigation: You can walk to the next stage by completing quests. You can also travel to areas that you have visited already.

    ▶ Skill System: You can use skills obtained from battles. In addition to attack skills, you can also use defensive skills, which can be used even in a turn-based battle. Skills can be used as attacks that damage enemies, or in defensive attacks.

    ▶ In-Depth Features for Growth: There are various features that allow you to improve your character growth. For example, you can go to the Training Barn, use the 30-day self-improvement period, and receive free HP and MP for 30 days. You can also check the characters of other players, allowing you to receive a small amount of EXP if you send them a request.

    ▶ Character Growth: You can go to the Training Barn to increase the attack power of your sword, strength, or endurance. You can also store the points you receive for the special boxes to improve them later.

    ▶ Character Customization: You can personalize your character according to your play style. For example, you can equip a variety of weapons and armor as well as items that increase certain stats. You can also mix and match these with items that increase the stats of certain elements.

    ▶ Color of Battle Damage: You can change the colors of the damage when you are attacking enemies. You can set up your colors in a variety of different ways.

    ▶ Ascension: By participating in Ascension events, you can rise up to receive experience and items as rewards. The more times you participate in Ascension, the higher the amount you receive.

    ▶ Ascension Event: Entering an Ascension event allows you to obtain items you


    What’s new:

    Lands Between is scheduled to be released on Steam in 2012.

    Once upon a time in the Age of Myth, the battle between good and evil raged throughout the Lands Between, where the otherworldly power of the Elden Ring and the human power of the Elden Lords existed side by side. The Elden Ring and the Elden Lords fought over the destiny of humankind, and the epic war between good and evil resulted in a great catastrophe – an explosion that devastated the Lands Between, destroying the very laws of nature and leaving it in utter chaos. People were scattered across the Lands Between, the wilderness to the south of the Land Beyond grew ever more wild and desolate, and monsters and magic dwelt in the abysmal natural disasters, which feasted off the bodies of the people who once inhabited the Lands Between. Such a world, half-asleep and half-awoken, existed in a state of stasis. Those who once lived in the Lands Beyond were transported to the Lands Between through an experiment performed by my father and his fellow Elden Lords, a mission in which they soon perished. That day, the Lands Between was sealed off from the Lands Beyond.


    Lands Between is an online-only RPG where you must undertake the adventure of a hero in a progressive, high-intensity, multidirectional battle that challenges the laws of the Lands Between: the laws of physics. This game projects a large scale, while maintaining a high-quality graphics, characters, and performance. Features:

    How To Install

    Before you download the game, you must download these three files.

    1. Right click and go to properties of the minecraftcore.jar file.
      Path: C:\Users\your name\Documents\Downloads\MC 1.8.9\
    2. After you click properties you should be redirected to the window: “Save File As”
      Save File As: C:\Users\your name\Documents\Downloads\MC 1.8.9\minecraftcore.jar

    How To Crack

    After the installation is completed, follow this command in the terminal from your installation directory.

     java -jar minecraftcore.jar <base|additional||sys_security.txt> <reinstall|delete|server-outdated-1.8.9|save|disable>

    Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12 16.19 PM

    The installation files will be automatically generated from the above command.

    Use the packaged installer to install the game. When you press the icon in your list in the launcher to


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Core i3 2nd Gen, Intel Core i5 2nd Gen, Intel Core i7 2nd Gen
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 or better
    Sound: DirectX 11 Compatible Sound Card with a 5.1 channel support
    Storage: 40GB available space
    Processor: Intel Core i7 3rd



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