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AutoCAD Crack For Windows has been at the forefront of CAD software for nearly 30 years, and has changed the way designers and architects work. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of AutoCAD and the release of the AutoCAD 2015 update, Gizmag spoke with Harry Scales, chief executive officer of Autodesk, about the software and its impact on architectural, engineering and design.

Gizmag: What was the motivation for developing AutoCAD?

Harry Scales: I believe that designing and drafting has always been a critical element of both architecture and engineering. However, for many years there were no easy, efficient, reliable and affordable computer tools available to make this kind of design and drafting work feasible. AutoCAD was developed to provide design and drafting tools that were useful, efficient, reliable and affordable.

Gizmag: How did AutoCAD change the design process?

Scales: The biggest benefit of AutoCAD is that it puts the power of a CAD system into the hands of the professional designer or draftsman. The combination of the software’s ability to analyze drawings with the user interface’s ability to help visualize design intent and generate aesthetically pleasing outputs has made AutoCAD the global standard for CAD.

AutoCAD can also generate a wide range of printable output. This can reduce the time needed to complete the entire design process. So it has been a great tool for both architects and engineers to share information and collaborate on designs. The ability to track designs and drawings through the process from an idea to a final product with paperless processing is another great benefit of using AutoCAD.

Gizmag: How can you distinguish AutoCAD from other CAD programs?

Scales: The goal of developing AutoCAD was to create a complete package of design tools for architects and engineers. To achieve that, it had to be very feature-rich with an intuitive user interface and powerful calculation algorithms. However, the goal was not to compete with other CAD programs but to provide a high-quality, affordable software package that would be welcomed in the architectural and engineering community. AutoCAD does not come with a price tag that would be prohibitive to most of its users.

Image courtesy of Autodesk.

Gizmag: What are some of the changes you’ve made since the first AutoCAD was released in 1982?

Scales: The biggest change in the last 30 years is the transition to a software

AutoCAD [Mac/Win]

When it first came out, AutoCAD could not calculate the cut features. CADMAN was a third-party add-on for AutoCAD that could calculate the cut features.

Technical manuals

AutoCAD Technical Manuals:
Second Edition
Third Edition
AutoCAD LT Technical Manuals:
First Edition
Second Edition
Third Edition

Other AutoCAD related products and services


AutoCAD for Mac is a version of AutoCAD that runs on the Macintosh operating system. It was initially released in 1995.

The Mac version was the first popular version of AutoCAD to be a standalone application on the Mac instead of being a plug-in to AutoCAD on Windows.

This version of AutoCAD supports mainly the same functionality as the Windows version.

The main difference between the Mac and the Windows version is that the Mac version does not have an option for block editing or dimensioning. Also, the version of AutoCAD on the Mac is completely stand-alone and does not need to be installed or run from within an AutoCAD application.

In addition, the Mac version does not have a command line (CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER) for creating a new drawing. This version is not capable of importing or exporting the drawing to other applications. Instead, it can export as Mac format and the user is expected to run a program, like TextEdit, to open the file.

The Macintosh version of AutoCAD is accessible through the Internet via the Autodesk Exchange App, as well as through the Mac App Store.


AutoCAD for Windows, formally AutoCAD LT for Windows, was developed in 1995. Like its Macintosh counterpart, it supports mainly the same functionality as the Windows version.

Because AutoCAD LT for Windows does not run inside the AutoCAD application on Windows, it cannot work with the other plug-ins that require the AutoCAD application. Therefore, it is not able to access or create files in other formats like DXF or dxf. The only way to open an AutoCAD-created DXF file is to run the AutoCAD application on the computer.

Unlike AutoCAD for Macintosh, there is no stand-alone AutoCAD for Windows. It requires AutoCAD to be installed and run.

Many third-party applications can import

AutoCAD License Key

Install the software using its own settings. You can also install and activate it using another app.

Open Autocad, choose File → Open, and locate your license.

You can see your key in the right-hand corner of Autocad. If there’s a key missing, simply enter it in the license key field.

To continue using Autocad, choose File → Save and save it in the place you saved it previously.

Example of using the key:

Step by step instructions:

1. Install Autodesk Autocad.

2. You can see the Autocad license on the file you are going to use.

3. Open the license file with the Autodesk software.

4. Copy the license key.

5. The key is ready for use.

When you close Autocad you will be asked to activate the software.

What’s New in the?

The Markup Assist extension automatically checks for missing or incorrect markup information. Use these markup rules to save time when checking for markup consistency.

Some extensions such as the Sketch shortcut keys, Flip Book, Scale, and Zoom shortcuts are now included in the built-in keyboard shortcuts panel.

Work with real-time data and change your design within the drawing as you import data. Integrate your design with measurements, supply details, and other data to give your drawing the information needed to run your processes. (video: 1:29 min.)

View 3D annotation history. View and access the 3D annotation history for a specific block, marker, text or polyline to get an overview of all changes and modifications you’ve made.

Object snapping can now be set to Single, Auto, and Multi. You can now choose from three snapping options based on the number of blocks, lines, arcs, and curves that are selected.

The Multiline tool now supports multi-block features. The Multiline tool can create or edit multi-block features.

Multiline input can now be opened and closed by clicking the same input block.

The Text tool now supports four line styles. (video: 0:44 min.)

The Text and Dynamic Input window now support measuring from a corner. Use the Measure Corner toolbar to choose a corner and select text. Use the Dynamic Input toolbar to choose the text and enter the measurement data.

The AutoCAD Command Dialog now supports Unicode.

There is a new advanced display option, Draw and Edit Drawings. You can now select whether to display drawings and drawing elements in edit mode or design mode. (video: 1:52 min.)

You can now use keyboard shortcuts to edit certain drawing elements and command from the context menu. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to select objects, pan, and zoom the drawings. (video: 1:55 min.)

Drawing Creation and Animation:

The drawing interface has been improved. You can now use AutoSnap to define a snap configuration and use that configuration to quickly and efficiently position and scale objects.

Use the New Feature feature to explore new settings and options for the Interface Builder tool. (video: 1:15 min.)

You can now define an animation to be applied to a cursor. You can create your own animation to animate objects on screen. You can also create an animation to animate the cursor.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

– Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2
– Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 SP2, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2, Windows Server 2008 SP2
– 2 GHz Dual-Core processor
– 2 GB RAM
– DirectX: 11.0
– 400 MB available hard disk space
– 1280×800 screen resolution
– Internet connection
– Windows 10, Windows 8.1


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