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From the beginning of time, the 3 main political systems have been democracy, autocracy and oligarchy. democracy However, having 3 distinctive modes of government can lead to problems because they are incompatible, that is, one system can not work as a substitute for another. For example, autocracy is appropriate when the leaders have the qualities necessary to rule but is not well suited to self governance of a country. A government is not autocratic and it is not democratic. It has evolved and is what it is. The dichotomy is an oversimplification but if some of the conditions are met then autocracy is the most appropriate for a given country.
Today’s government is a blend of monarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy, and democracy. Each system influences the other because no government operates in an environment of total isolation. Each country uses the best features of the different systems in the form of political parties, political parties use the philosophies and political agendas of the different systems in their political platforms.
The ancient Greeks were the first political philosophers who classified the three forms of government. they argued that democracy was the best form of government. They believed that in a democracy people who do not have the ability to rule themselves should be ruled by a good leader that would represent the general will of the people.
In a democracy, everyone has equal rights. all people vote for a system and the ones who receive the most votes elect the rulers. In autocratic government, there is one ruler who rules all and represents the best of the people. In oligarchy there is only a few rulers and they are rich.
Autocracy is a system of rule by a single person. In autocracy, the leader represents and acts in the place of the state and the people. The country is controlled by a single person who can be the president, the king, the queen, or the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Autocratic government is not well suited to self governance of a country. It is born of a dynastic tradition and is continued by a ruler who comes to power by birthright and claims it as his right. It is based upon a person who has been chosen by the people to represent the state for a limited period. The ruler has the power to rule over the people and therefore can claim responsibility for their actions. There is no defined line of authority between the ruler and the ruled.
Today, autocracy still exists in some countries. Usually, the autocrat will be a member of the royal family. Examples are Russia,

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