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Musics mobilephone files were among the first downloaded illegally.
People who download music were usually interested in having them as a ringtone or as music that plays in the background of their mobile phone.
Major record labels who owned the publishing rights, refused to distribute songs free online. It was impossible for the record companies to distribute music online, because if there was no money to be made, they would not be able to make enough profit to survive.
Most of the legal download sites also refused to take down music files. Many portals offered their users to download music free of cost, but these files were not the authentic ones, but they were fake files created by file-sharing sites. There was a large threat that they could be considered counterfeit and that they could be held liable if the music industry ever found out.
The idea of distribution of pirated music was first developed as early as 1992, when the internet was a relatively new concept in the world.
It was a long journey towards the ultimate goal of providing music to anybody, anywhere and anytime without any restrictions.
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