Bleach Vs One Piece 2.13 Warcraft 3 Map Free Download ((FREE))

Bleach Vs One Piece 2.13 Warcraft 3 Map Free Download ((FREE))

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Bleach Vs One Piece 2.13 Warcraft 3 Map Free Download

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filename patch notes
bleach vs one piece 2.13 mod – by 1st – [dear], improved map because of requests from users of the game: zio, euromb, let’sis, rilou, aardvarch, the new version has improved grass and trees, the levels with the final boss and the final level have been reworked entirely, the items of the map are also improved, all the shops, min and max have been changed.
onepiece2.13.w3x (w3x) – by 1st – [dear], onepiece2.w3x is a modification of the map, inspired by the manga, anime series one piece.
the goal of this project is to improve the gameplay of this mod, so that it is more fluid, more efficient, more dynamic and more fun.
“xiji zhi chen”[a] or “xiji zhi” for short.

the new theme for this mod, a mod that emphasizes on cuteness, is called “anime girls”.

this video is done with my new video editor:

should you face trouble while installing this mod, follow this guide:
1. run the game.exe file, if it is ok, close the game.
2. open the.npk file that was created during the installation of the mod, and extract the dll and the tda from there and place the files to your regular folder.
3. open the mappacker.exe and change the files in the audio directory with the ones that were extracted from the.npk file.
4.w3x file and replace the two.rxt file with the ones that were extracted from the.

the mod can be played using the default map editor or the editor. but if your game crashes after downloading this mod, you will also have to change the “data folder” in the propeditor.ini file with the one extracted from the.

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