Pasword Hack Money Trophy Manager [UPDATED]

Pasword Hack Money Trophy Manager [UPDATED]

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Pasword Hack Money Trophy Manager

once you’ve gotten the manager’s key card, insert it into the pad on the reception desk and then press the buttons in the order you see them on the screen. doing so will enable the elevator and the manager will be able to access the bank. be sure to grab the backpack containing the tools before descending down to the bank.

the bank manager will be located on the second floor of the bank, and he will be just about to use the atm. you must retrieve the backpack and then enter the room and deactivate the alarm. once inside the room, you must look for the security camera in the room and then press the button on the camera. once the camera is turned off, turn the alarm back on.

after turning the alarm back on, the bank manager will be locked in the bank. he may start to try and escape, so its important to quickly deactivate the camera and turn off the alarm again. now the bank manager will be locked up and you can take the backpack back to the elevator and escape.

once you’ve escaped from the bank, you must locate the security camera on the reception desk and deactivate it. once the camera is off, go to the locker room located on the ground floor, and then retrieve the backpack located in the locker room. now, you have everything you need to enter the house of your heisters and retrieve the “pasword hack money trophy manager” trophy.

as you progress through the game, you will find that there are more and more people willing to steal from you. you must make sure you have the tools in the backpack or else you will never be able to hack the systems at your heisters house. if you are having trouble hacking the system, you can do what the house members do and look at the level, or you can try to find someone to help you.

After disabling the metal detectors and rewiring the electricity boxes, players should move to the second floor as well as their location for the hacking (although note that the location of the second floor may change depending on the final map design). In the event that a guard moves in and tries to arrest the player, there is a two-step process. First, get inside the room by simply entering using the door. The lock should be there and only a DC 10 Locksmith check will open it, so don’t bother trying. If that fails, the room is probably empty, so simply walk over to the box and cut the wire connecting it to the AC power. Then, leave the room and quietly open the door. Once the door is open, take the cover off the box again; most of the time, the guard should be sedated and/or pacified.
The hacking interface is very intuitive and should be finished within five minutes. During the hacking process, however, it is very important that players communicate so they know when to stop hacking. For example, if a guard has returned to the room, it is recommended to abort the hacking process. There is nothing to gain by keeping the hacking going when the guard notices them and the achievement will be lost.
The hacking is completed. In the event that the power to the AC side of the server room remains intact, players should remove their masks and exit the area quickly. Once the police respond, the distraction should buy them enough time to escape undetected.
It is common for updates to pass. In these cases, the update might kill the hacking achievement. In this case, it is recommended to repeat the hack if possible. If not, simply wait for the server to roll back, and then re-hack.


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