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Sale Control is Customer relationship management Software (CRM). This is a recognised strategy for managing and maintaining a company’s clients and sales prospects.
Sale Control includes features such as Appointment Organiser, Reporting Tools, Integration with Outlook, and other client management features. Sale Control app runs on multiple platforms and requires minimal resources.







Sale Control Free

Sales Control is a CRM tool specially designed to help you handle client accounts and create sales-related records.
The Sales Control application consists of two main components: a database and a set of integrated Microsoft Excel-style spreadsheets. The database is tailored specifically for your organisation. The integrated spreadsheets are built up from predefined tables, and can be easily modified to fit your own business requirements.
Sales Control is a great tool for small and medium-sized businesses because it does not require large IT support teams, expensive server space, or a large monthly subscription fee. Your database and integrated spreadsheets are housed on a database server, which you own and control. You can back up your database on any type of removable media and take it with you to other offices.
The Sales Control application includes a variety of tools that are designed to enhance and ease the sales process. You can use these tools to manage your clients, prospects, and invoices.
Appointment Organiser
Use the Appointment Organiser feature to plan and manage your sales activities. You can use the Appointment Organiser to create and manage appointments.
In the Appointment Organiser you can manage your appointments, and see who has accepted or rejected your offer. You can also set reminders, have an automatic follow-up, set your contacts to receive all replies, and see the details of their responses. You can also set criteria to restrict appointments to only the appropriate people, or to certain types of clients.
Report Tools
Sales Control includes Reporting Tools. These include the standard reports that are included with the application, and custom reports that you can create in any of the spreadsheets. You can also extract information from the database to create a variety of reports that you can print or email.
Integration with Outlook
Sales Control includes an integration with Outlook, the standard client for the Microsoft Office Suite. You can synchronise your Sales Control appointments with Outlook and the calendar to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. You can also synchronise your Sales Control appointments with Outlook tasks and events.
Sales Control includes security features to ensure that your Sales Control information is safe and secure. You can restrict access to your data with a user role, specify access permissions, or set a password for your entire application. You can also have specific clients or appointment sets excluded from these permissions and access.
The Sales Control application includes the following features:

Sale Control Serial Key Appointment Organiser
Use the Appointment Organ

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“Maintaining a good customer relationship is a key factor to the success of a business. Sale control is a very customer-focused and customer-friendly CRM software that helps you make sure that your clients are being serviced properly.”
Sale Control provides its clients with a multitude of customer relationship management and sales management features. The following are some of the features of the program.
Appointment Organiser
Customer Registration
E-mail Management
Help Desk
Microsoft Integration
Outlook Integration
Time Management
Sale Control helps you keep track of your customers, their contact information and appointments. You can also manage your sales by using the appointment book. Sale Control can also

help you keep track of your sales leads. This allows you to make sure that your clients and sales prospects are being serviced properly.

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Sale Control Crack + Serial Key PC/Windows (2022)

Sales Control is a CRM for small businesses with a database of contacts in the UK, USA and Europe. It can be downloaded and installed free of charge, and is suitable for any company with 20 or less contact records and/or no more than 100 sales contacts.

The software can be updated to support unlimited number of contact records, and users can also add contacts from a Windows Live ID, Outlook and Outlook Express contacts.

The contacts can be split into groups, which can also have a specific status. Some of the most useful features are: Appointment Organiser, Sales Forecasting, Unlimited Contact Records, Sales Reports, Account Summary Reports, Individual Profiles, Sales Pipeline.

The software can also be used as an ERP to link sales orders with tasks, or for Single-source financials. The software also features a robust reporting engine for easy analysis.

A feature called Sales Control Hub allows you to synchronize your Sales Control contacts with other CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics CRM ( and,, Microsoft Live Integration, Outlook or any Exchange Server based on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server.

Sales Control Integration

Sales Control runs on multiple platforms:
Web-based CRM – Sales Control web-based CRM is available as a standalone CRM for Windows desktop (in the form of Sale Control Open Client).
Windows desktop – Sale Control Client is a standalone CRM software for Windows desktop available free-of-charge (as download only).


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What’s New in the?

Sale Control creates a unique opportunity for businesses to manage, monitor, and control their sales cycle. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office Outlook, a sales representative has all the necessary tools for any situation – from keeping track of leads and appointments, to managing multiple clients, to following up with prospects.

Sale Control helps sales representatives streamline their day, and make the most of their time. They have a complete toolkit of applications and can use the right tools, at the right time, for the right clients.

• Sales Tools
o Appointment Organiser
o Email Tracking
o Multi-Client Tracking
o Opportunity Tracking
o Mobile Meeting Management
o Data Capture
o Routing Tools
o Leads & Contacts Management
o Sales Performance Dashboard
o Sales Automation
o Financial Management
o Sales App Tracking

o Appointment Organiser
o Email Tracking
o Multi-Client Tracking
o Opportunity Tracking
o Mobile Meeting Management
o Data Capture
o Routing Tools
o Leads & Contacts Management
o Sales Performance Dashboard
o Sales Automation
o Financial Management
o Sales App Tracking

• Installation includes:

o CRM (Organisations: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2)
o Outlook (Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008)
o Other Administrative tools, including.NET Framework 4 (All MS Windows operating systems)

• Full offline support for all Microsoft CRM customers

• 2 Year Advanced Support and Data Back-Up Support

• Microsoft CRM 2011 has also been released.

• Microsoft Dynamics CRM


System Requirements:

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PlayStation®2 System Software (all versions)
PlayStation®2 SHARE PLAY LINK software (all versions)
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