Cybershaman Full !!HOT!! Version —

Cybershaman Full !!HOT!! Version —



Cybershaman Full Version —

Quirk attempts to destroy Zamora’s machine with a missile, but the Hulk stops him, since Quirk didn’t succeed at challenging himself during the Battle of the Bewitchment Centre. He explains that he can’t, as not only can he not fight himself at all, but the experience of fighting hundreds of Z’Max is psychologically damaging to him. The Hulk accepts this, and allows Quirk to destroy the rest of the nearby machines with godlike powers. The machines are weakened by Quirk’s attacks, bringing Cielo back to life, who drinks the fusion juice and restores Zamora’s machine. The Hulk vows that he won’t ever again interfere in anyone’s fight, though he admits that – hearing Quirk’s determination to become the most powerful person in the universe – he can’t help feeling some envy.

The Cerebus invasion force attacks the Embryon base. Argilla leads the Embryon to victory. Not knowing how to pretend to be human, Sera decides to leave the Embryon and fulfill the promise she made when she was a child–to be Samosae, a legendary warrior. She flies away in her dream, with the power of the Fire Crown she inherited from her predecessor. She then leaves to see if she can be a Samosae.



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