Kenny Lattimore-Timeless [REPACK] Full Album Zip

Kenny Lattimore-Timeless [REPACK] Full Album Zip


Kenny Lattimore-Timeless Full Album Zip

I was really excited to see Ledisi perform last night at the Woodland Concert Hall and unexpectedly it made me feel creeped out! I love every album Ledisi has released but her work overall has felt much more personal than this performance. She made it very clear that she was taking the audience on a journey and won’t allow if to come to a close. After the set I couldn’t wait for the next time I saw her and this isn’t the Ledisi I saw last night!

Julianne Buesching’s new album of jazz standards Americana is exquisite, and Julianne brings an emotional and soulful depth to the music that she has never really been known for. Don’t miss her when she plays the The Mandel Performing Arts Center Feb. 12

For the record, this is Cream Puff’s favorite album of the year. The band keeps getting better, with bigger sounds, better gear, and more urgency. Adam Granduciel and Jeff Zeigler work miracles in the production booth and somehow turn all those synth washes and programmed beats into the most human record of the year.

On a more positive note, I heard this album on GOOD (my morning radio show) and loved it. This is a style of music that I can always relate to and love. I didn’t hear the song you mention, but the album made me feel much better today. I love hearing the group playing together and enjoying themselves.



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