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Chmod 000 on Windows 7/8/10, how do I set the Read/Write/Execute. permissions for any file/folder to be 000 by default.?\
I have a folder that is 644 but I can no longer make any changes to it unless I chmod 000.


Use SetACL.exe to set the ACL attributes.
Use setfacl -m u:r:s::— as stated in its help:
setfacl -m u:r:s::— [path_or_file] […] Will set the ACL attributes to be user,
group, other, or everyone. If no file or
directory is specified, the current directory
and all files and directories in it will be

Bucket-Organized 3D Printing and Patterning of Nanobricklets on a Polystyrene Surface.
In this study, 3D printing of polymeric nanobricklets is achieved with the help of a microcantilever and a bucket through selective confinement of the drop deposition during printing. The traditional granular-type loading method is utilized. 3D printing occurs due to the gravity



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